Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Double Raw Processing(2)

Hi, wassap.
I wish I knew this one a long time ago.
I have posted such in the Past, I think it's so great, i'm re-posting with different pics.

Today we'll learn how to give your photo that edgy look, that something that will make it bit more special.
This technique is used by the top photographer, i.e Joel Grimes the Master.

Small, but [don't have the word] change.
You can also try that on very dark pictures you thought useless -

Major, but [ don't have the word ] change.
Here's the movie - but before -
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For those who did not read one sentence here's the video :  ( p.s I'm this kind of person )
For HD - http://youtu.be/TPNI7IeCWY0?hd=1


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