Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Movie' effect #2

(Update #2)
I've just clicked my previous post on the subject, and - damn! its almost that same technique! instead of desaturation use the black and white adjustment layer. come to think about it , I like the older teq' better!
I don't know about you though. you might like this one so I'm not deleting this post. hell no.
(Update #1)
Now, reviewing the blog, I notice it does not look like movie effect. not at all. it's - 'an effect'.
Not movie effect.
sorry 'bout it.*

Hi fellas,
A quick one today about cool effect in 2 seconds (approx.)
Btw, the first technique can be found here.

Dad? Can I move already?

1. duplicate layer.
2. desaturated it. ( remove all colors from it )
3. change the blending mode to soft light.
See ? 2 seconds. told you.
Lets see a movie about it then.

*not really sorry.