Friday, November 26, 2010


(Update: I just looked at the video, and it is very difficult to see the effect there, I encourage you to try this filter yourself. )

Hi Fellas. 
Moving to English. increasing the crowd.
As you notice, I have several posts not in English, which you might find interesting and useful.
I might translate'em to English for the sake of humanity.

Today we're gonna talk about 'Topaz Denoise" or noise ninja or such which claim to repair noise from your camera.
I've discovered that those can be very useful on a non noise images, or little noise ( i.e ISO 200 )
I'm not sure if the effect can be seen in the below examples. The background is much smoother and clear after using the Denoise filter.
ah, btw, the filter can be found here ( damn! I just see that there's denoise 5! I have 4, I'll take case of it soon)

The water here are much smoother and clearer then the original pic.
Here's another example:
I'm so stupid that I've sold my 50mm 1.4

So, because you're nice to me, I've prepared a small movie that will demonstrate the effect on the above pic.
All you need to do is click on google advertisement every now and then.
Or like my wife says*
"You spoil me, I'll spoil you."
 That's not too much to ask, I promise I'll use the money to buy more camera equipment. or booze.

Here's a short movie, I don't like all those long movies.

Friday, November 5, 2010

איך מנקים לכלוך

מקווה שזה שהורדתי לא יכעס

שלום חברים,
הנה אחד מהיר.
הכנתי לכם שני סרטונים שמסבירים איך להסיר לכלוך.

השלבים מאוד פשוטים:
1. סמנו בגסות את הלכלוך בעזרת lasso tool. בגסות זה אומר מעט רחוק מהלכלוך. לא צמוד מידי.
2. edit -> fill ->content aware. לחלופין, Shift-F5
3. לחצו על OK.

מאוד פשוט אה ? אמרתי לכם.
אגב, נתמך רק ב-CS5 (נראה לי).
יכול להיות שכבר היה כזה שיעור ? מילא.

והנה עוד אחד, יותר מגניב.

יאללה ביי!